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Juaken Dumas

Senior Pastor


Johnathan Dumas



Daniel Leicher

Associate Pastor


Ronald Portell

Assistant Pastor



Mt. Pisgah Baptist church was founded in 1868, when the members of nearby Round Island Baptist Church decided to start an outreach program for the people of the Mt. Pisgah community. In those early years, the church met in various buildings including the homes of members as a small building was being constructed. 

By the 1940’s, it became obvious that the church needed to expand. They built a two-story building and bought a bus so they could pick up people throughout the Athens area who didn’t have transportation to church. By the 60’s, the church had grown enough to build again. A brick auditorium was constructed, along with a Sunday School wing. God blessed the ministries of the church, and in the 80’s, under the pastorate of Bro. Richard Bowling, a gymnasium was added along with a prophet’s chamber. In 1995, the church called Dr. Juaken Dumas to the pastorate. Under his ministry, the church has continued to grow and thrive. In the late 90’s, the church started their Christian school, Mt. Pisgah Baptist Academy, and in 2012, the church’s Spanish Sunday School program was expanded into a church ministry that now includes three services a week.Today the church continues to offer a youth ministry, music ministry, Christian school, nursery, Sunday School program, bus program, Patch Club for kids, Spanish church, and more. The people of the church look forward to what God has in store for them in their service to Him.

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